PhD Student thesis

  1. Deng, Chuntao “Linear stability of a Berman flow in a channel partially filled with a porous medium” 2004
  2. Mokamati, Satyanarayana “Effect of aperture geometry on the steady flow through the narrow apertures in a pulp screen : numerical and experimental study” 2007
  3. Krochak, Paul Joseph “The orientation state of semi-dilute rigid fibre suspensions in a linearly contracting channel” 2008
  4. Heymer, Jens Olaf “Measurement of heterogeneity in low consistency pulp refining by comminution modeling” 2009
  5. Delfel, Sean “A numerical and experimental investigation into pressure screen foil rotor hydrodynamics” 2009
  6. Luukkonen, Antti “Development of a methodology to optimize low consistency refining of mechanical pulp“, 2011
  7. Madai, Ario “Fractionation of particles in a visco-plastic fluid: towards a novel process” 2011


MASc Student Thesis

  1. Gonzalez, Jaime Arturo “Characterization of design parameters for a free foil rotor in a pressure screen” 2002
  2. Feng, Monica Mei “Numerical simulation of the pressure pulses produced by a pressure screen foil rotor” 2003
  3. Li, Yubing “Power consumption in pressure screens” 2004
  4. Young, Edmond Wai Keung “The permeability and compressibility of semi-dilute pulp fibre suspensions : inversely solving the governing PDE of sedimentation” 2003
  5. Heath, Stuart “Observations of the flow of a semi-dilute fibre suspension through a sudden expansion using positron emission tomography” 2006
  6. Mousavi, Payam “A novel approach to characterizing pulp fibres using pressure filtration and an interpretation of Canadian Standard Freeness” 2007
  7. Biniaris, Andreas “Insight on the effect of contour height in pressure screening” 2008
  8. Imad Abuyousef “Pumping performance increase through the addition of turbulent drag-reducing polymers to pulp fibre suspensions” 2010
  9. Albadvi, Elham, “Measuring uniformity in kraft digesters using flow-following sensors“. 2010
  10. Chowdhury, Ayesha “Energy saving during pulp screening through addition of A-PAM” 2011
  11. Mazyar Jalayer MASc thesis “Energy reduction in pumping low consistency pulp fibre suspensions” 2011


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